Barry's Tip Tracker tracks Tips!

Hello there

and Welcome! You seem to have found yourself to the home page of Barry's Tip Tracker, It tracks tips you know?

Currently it's in a limited roll out to casters as we test the tracker and the related systems!

What does it do?

Ironically it tracks tips, but here is the current feature list

  • Tracks Tips
  • Display Multiple Tip States
  • Different text/sound files for:
    • New Tip
    • "Day"* Top Tip
    • "Month"* Top Tip
  • Control the volume of Sounds from within the Application
  • Test/Replay sounds
  • Runs on Windows and Mac
  • Control where to save the text files
  • Control when to reset the text files/scores

Coming Soon

  • Popup for on screen notification
  • Kill bad tips before they publish/complete
  • Make your mods do the killing
  • Statistics and Tracking
  • Complete website/backend
  • Pylons - Additional Pylons are needed
  • Make a suggestion for a feature?


* Well we call "Day" and "Month" as you have full power to reset the "Day" and "Month" whenever you want. So it is not necessarily them we just call them that internally

So, how much does it cost

Well that all depends what Package you go for!

Currently we are in sorta closed beta, so it's all free for now!

Ultimately as a Caster you have a website, so why get me or someone else to host your tip infrastructure?

So here is the package outline:

  1. Just give me a tracker - I will host your tip form and tracking API here!
  2. I want the form and tracker - You host the form and I'll host the tracking API!
  3. Install for me - cool let me set that up on your server. Just let me know when you need help!
  4. I want everything - fine here you go, heres the instructions. Just let me know when you need help!

Pricing needs to be devised, but I do know the first one is only $1 a month!

I want in on the Alpha/Beta/Testing Thingymajig!

Outstanding: fill in this form, and we will see if we can get you onboard!

What Package are you interested in Post Beta?